Online Services

Service Hosting

CComputers is able to offer a couple of Service Hosting options, primarily local hosting and offshore hosting.

Local Hosting is done via Adept Internet, with whom we have had a long standing arrangement with. CComputers does not charge any additional fee’s when hosting with Adept Internet, and the rates are charged directly to you via Adept Internet.

CComputers is simply loaded as an additional alternate contact, which enables us to make requests on your behalf, and follow up on any service queries. We are also able to assist with any technical support issues you have on this platform.

Offshore Hosting we have recently successfully negotiated Service Hosting Packages with an international Service Provider allowing CComputers to directly offer you a bouquet of Hosting Services. Automated billing  on either a month to month basis  or Lump Payment basis they cover a large percentage of Service offered by our local hosting (Excluding Connectivity).

CComputers has direct access to these services via a CPanel system, which allows us to add or remove Services directly (e.g. If you need a new email address, or need one removed, SQL settings, FTP Access).

We also offer direct support for our Offshore Hosting alternates.



Local Connectivity Solutions are done via Adept Internet Solutions, CComputers does not charge any additional fee’s when obtaining Connectivity with Adept Internet, and the rates are charged directly to you via Adept Internet.

Connectivity Options Supplied :

  • ADSL Connections
  • Lease Line Connections
  • Point to Point Connections
  • Dial up Connections
  • GPRS/3G/Edge/HSCDS/HSDPA, 802.11 wireless technologies Connections

Static Web Pages

Ideally suited for individuals or Companies who need an online foot-print but whose data/information remains fairly consistent.

CComputers is able to assist you from the ground up, from Design through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and pricing ranges from as little as R1500,00 to R3000,00 depending on the content required.

All of our sites are loaded into CComputers Webmaster Panel and monitored regularly. Sites are also submitted to major search engines (Google and Bing), and custom submissions can be done to specialised search engines.


CMS Web Pages

CMS (Content Management System) Web Pages have burst onto the market with a vengeance and are ideally suited for Individuals or Companies who have Dynamic, ever changing information.

In simplistic terms, CMS means you as the end user can log into the website and make changes and updates, without the need of contacting a Web Designer Guru to do it for you. There are 3 Major players in this arena, Durpal, Joomla and WordPress, with WordPress being one of the easier ones for end users to handle.

WordPress itself is a free application, and there are hundreds of Pre-made Themes and application Plug-in’s to assist you with a host of tasks.

CComputers is able to create a one of a kind custom Theme for you, and assist you with the roll-out of WordPress and its base components and implementation of more specialized add-ons, to get your site how you want it to look and functional for the requirements.

Pricing can vary depending on requirements, but typically it runs from around R1000,00 for a base template design up to around R6000,00, for customized “everything”.


e-Commerce Web Pages

CComputers is able to assist and supply a fully functional e-Commerce solution, with integrated Payment Gateway Solutions, complete with Catalogue Management, Product Displays, Site Management, SEO, Checkout Process, Shipping/Shipping Management, Payment Gateways, Marketing, Client Accounts, Translations, Security, Localization and Analytics and Reporting. Supporting over 310 dynamic features, our fast and powerful open source solution is ranked with the best by e-Commerce Professionals.

Whether a standalone e-Commerce Roll out, or combined with a CMS website, we have the solution for you.