Filmon in South Africa

Watch FilmOn Live TV from over 200 LIVE TV Channels and over 500 VOD Channels! We host over 45, 000 video on demand Web TV titles that have been cleared for worldwide distribution. Live Sports News Movies and great free streaming TV Entertainment including TMZ Live, The Best of UFC, The Soup and many more. These are all from providers like CNN, Disney, ESPN Fuel, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC, BBC, RAI, FRANCE and many more!


So what is

Filmon is an online broadcasting service, which can be used in South Africa with over 200 Free Live TV Channels. The Channels can be on PC, Smart TV’s and Smart Phones. There is also an App for both Android and Apple systems.

In addition to the 200 Live TV Channels, they also have 500 Video-On-Demand Channels with over 45000 videos that are downloadable.

It doesn’t stop there, Filmon also offers Standard and High Definition Feeds and Recording Functionality as add on functions .


What do you need ?
  • An Internet connection, ideally uncapped and 4Mb or Higher in speed.
  • A Connecting Device – This can be a PC, Tablet or Smart TV with Internet Access.

That’s it. Simple.


How do I know if it will work for me?

Probably the easiest way to test functionality is linking and spooling the channels from your PC at 1st, this will establish if you have enough speed on your internet connection, you can link via the Filmon Africa Logo below:


It works great so whats next?

There are several methods of watching now you know the speed of your internet is sufficient.


We also have an Android App for download :


For users who do not have Smart TV’s, there are many HDMI Smart Sticks available, which will transform your TV into a Smart TV (Feel free to Contact Us for recommendations)


And that’s the lowdown on spooling Live TV. 200 Channels, 500 VOD Channels, exclusive content….Simple and Easy.

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