So you want to start streaming but are completely clueless on were to start ?
Becoming disheartened at the price on Satellite based TV content ?
100 Channels and nothing to watch ?

CComputers remains impartial in the Stream vs Satellite debate however for those of you who are looking for alternatives to our current Satellite Provider(s), one solution would be streaming content from overseas.

While it might sound a little daunting to get this working, its actually very easy.

The things you need are :

  • High Speed Internet Connection (Ideally 4Mb and Up)

Most households these days have some form of Internet connection, for streaming you require a fast stable connection, 4Mb is the recommended minimum

  • A smart TV (With android) or Desktop Android Box or a HDMI Smart Stick (With Android)

Smart TV’s with Android software (If you can access the Google Play Store you are good to go) work well, but for those of you that have none Smart TV’s all is not lost. With an Android Desktop Box or HDMI Smart Stick, you simply plug in and away you go

  • A local Wired or Wifi Connection

You would need to connect your smart device somehow, so you would need either a wire running to your TV or Desktop Box, or a Wifi Connection in your home.

That is all you really need to start Streaming, watch over 200 Live TV Channels, and access to over 500 Video on Demand Channels.

Probably the best feature is, after the initial setup, its Free (Excluding the Internet Connection cost).


If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us.