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IT Support has evolved

We work through the night so you dont have to

CComputers offers flexible working hours, with most of our Remote Work done out of Office hours so as to not cut into the users business working hours.

With the introduction of super fast internet connections, IT support has evolved, where once if a client had a problem, you had to schedule an on-site call out, then take up user work time fixing a problem, the focus now is offering Remote Support as the primary option the benefits of which are it can be done at times more suitable to the client, it can be done from basically anywhere in the world.

As long as your device is connected to the internet, Remote Support is the way to go.

Websites and Digital Footprints

CComputers offers a full bouquet of services, Domain registration, hosting, design and development, maintenance and support.

Your Website is the starting point, social media platforms also make a huge contribution, marketing and generally getting your name out there.

Another huge market shift is Websites and Digital Footprints, these days customers 1st scourer the Internet for Products and Services, check reviews and only after doing much homework and background checks settle on a service provider, making it imperative for SME’s to have a presentable representation on as many digital platforms as possible.