All about Websites

Websites are broken down into various categories depending on what service(s), product(s), goal(s) you want to achieve, most use the same core namely a Content Management System and are built onto to achieve the desired output.

At CComputers we use WordPress as it is beginner friendly and a free Content Management System with numerous features and customization possibilities.

Almost any kind of website can be developed easily on WordPress whether it is for a small firm or for a large enterprise.


So how do you decide which Website you need?

It all really depends on what goal(s) you have for the platform, below is a brief description of each and where they are best suited for use.

Informational Websites

When it comes to functionality, informative websites are the most uncomplicated websites. This informative website doesn’t require any complex functionalities. These websites provide not only information on specific topics or business solutions but also give the best user experience. These sites are tools to attract potential customers.

Business informative websites provide all branded and customised information about the company and the topics related to customers, investors, and community members. These sites boost sales and improve clients and investors.

Not only the content and information but also design play a key role. Informative websites are beneficial for all startups.

Below are just some of the reasons to have a website.

Low cost-effective

Compared to a print advertisement, online marketing costs very low. 


if you have a professional look and user-friendly website, consumers will likely have a great chance of considering your business reliable over many companies who do not have a website or have a low website presence. 

Market expansion

A website can be accessible by everyone around the world without geographical barriers. 

Update Content

Add updates regularly on the blog/news page it attracts users. 

Enhanced Sales

A website with fresh content and useful information can drive increases sales. 


It helps to identify the typical customers, how they got to know about you, their likes, and to adapt the business to maximise purchases through the website. The vast information available on the site helps for better understanding. 

e-Commerce Websites

Like its counterpart above, the main goal or focus of an e-Commerce website is not only to supply the information about your Company but also to allow visitors to your site the ability to obtain products or services from you without having to phone or email.

Products can be ordered directly, paid for and shipped with minimal human interaction.

Another huge benefit is e-Commerce Websites aren’t limited by Office Hours, its like having a sales person on call 24/7  for your business.

Below are just some of the reasons to consider an e-Commerce Website

Faster Purchases

One of the main benefits of eCommerce websites is that it doesn’t require customers to spend too much time. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce stores don’t have opening and closing hours.

Comprehensive Catalog

While you might produce several goods, it is not possible to display all of them if you only have an offline store. However, you can easily create a digital catalog for customers to browse.

An online product catalog also lets you, as a business, put your best foot forward. With well-crafted product descriptions, your buyers have all the details they need to know.

Customer Data Insights

Among the significant benefits of eCommerce websites is the ability to provide valuable customer insights that might be challenging to obtain through offline stores. You can collect first-hand data by monitoring how your customers engage with your website. This will help you create personalized marketing strategies and improve the buying experience.

Reduced Costs

Online stores are vastly cheaper to set up and run than offline ones. Expenditures such as rent and repairs are taken out of the equation altogether! With an online store, you can reduce your overhead costs and set up even without considerable capital. So, the eCommerce website development cost is far less than setting up shop offline.

When you sell online, you reduce your marketing costs as well. You can easily offer deals and coupons tailored to individual customers to get them to invest in your products.


Another benefit of eCommerce websites is that they are very flexible. As we said earlier, your customers can place an order whenever they want. Another advantage is that they can easily return their products if they are not satisfied. They can do so peacefully from home, perhaps even without getting out of bed!

Customers can also schedule deliveries at any time, so they – and your delivery partners – will not need to worry about coordination. These conveniences will help you bring in and retain more clients.

Increased Reach

An eCommerce website lets you serve more customers and will help you to widen your customer base. While offline stores can offer delivery services, their reach is still limited. However, with the centralized logistics and delivery system that comes with eCommerce, you can reach new customers regardless of their location. With a little investment, you can even begin to ship internationally in no time!

Having an internet presence will also help potential customers find you through search engines. What’s better than having customers at your (figurative) doorstep?

Membership Websites

Have a team or club with multiple members and want to share information about it and allow Members to interact with each other even when they are located in different parts of the country or even different parts of the world ?

Membership Websites are similar to common social media sites like Facebook/Meta, Instagram and Linkedin  with that added bonus that all members have similar interests or a commonality. 

They allow you to share information, promote interaction and grow your very own digital community. 

Promotes a Strong Community

When you build a membership website, you’re also building the foundation of a community.

Typically, members pay to join because they’re interested in or committed to the niche your website serves, whether your website is for fanfiction writers or business owners. Since your members are invested in their niche, they’re often looking for an interactive and exclusive community around that topic. 

An Opportunity to Refine Your Content

If you want to bring in new members and keep the current ones renewing year after year, you’ll need to produce quality content. That also means consistently updating and replenishing what you have to offer. 

Use the inspiration and motivation you get from your members to help you further refine your content and improve the way you do business.

Credibility and Industry Authority

When you launch a membership site, you’re announcing to the world that you’re an expert within your chosen field. 

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a pile of tangible credentials. Rather, being an industry authority really means that you’re producing volumes of content that members find valuable. 

e-Learning Websites

eLearning allows learners to quickly and more easily complete their training, resulting in improved performance and greater productivity. Learners appreciate that they can participate in training at their convenience.

An electronic learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide trainers, learners, and others involved in education with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management.


Self-paced learning allows flexibility 

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that it offers flexibility. Courses are self-paced, which means users can complete assignments within a specific time frame.

Participants access the lessons through a Learning Management System (LMS), follow the instructions, and complete the material. Users and instructors interact through messaging apps, email, or discussion boards. 

Self-paced learning allows employees to control the pace of learning, which is in line with corporate initiatives.

Shows self-motivation

Self-motivation is one of the key advantages of online learning. Students’ efforts can be difficult to gauge in a traditional classroom setting. Online learning, however, enables employees to demonstrate their commitment to professional development.

Employees who complete online courses or participate in virtual training sessions can demonstrate their commitment to their job and willingness to invest their time and resources to improve their performance. Employers can benefit from this quality, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Improves communication and collaboration

Virtual communication and collaboration skills are essential in today’s workplace.

Communicating and collaborating online can help employees be more productive and efficient in their roles.

Online learning can help employees develop these skills by providing opportunities to practice and receive feedback in a safe and controlled environment.