e-Learning Platform

After several requests for an e-Learning (Learning Management System – LMS) we are proud to announce CComputers now offers a fully comprehensive solution.

Our LMS was designed especially for medium organizations – organizations that range from 100 to 10000 users. Comprehensive market research was done and a solution to match the needs and requirements was developed. The Platform comes with all the tools and extensibility that makes sense for a medium enterprise ecosystem.

The Platform is professionally supported and although designed to last, you can always rely that someone is on hand if something does go wrong.

Designed to stimulate thirst for knowledge by being easy to use with a visually attractive user interface. Maximize the time spent learning new skills, NOT learning how to use the platform.

Being open source, the platform wont cost an arm and leg, and allows for full customization to suit your organizations unique needs, that said, there is also a paid version of the platform which adds additional functionality and exceptional security, scalability and support.


Just some of the Features :

Structure Content

Clone and Reuse Lessons

Manage Users and Privilages

Retain Old Users and Courses

Latest eLearning Standards

Issue certificates

work with files

random tests

Question Types

Analyze Tests Results